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Our story started 6 years ago in 2003, when we had an idea to help travellers find and easily compare the best online rates for car and campervan rental.

From our first month back then we knew our customers were finding what they were looking for. And today, we help hundreds of thousands of travellers every year find great travel deals on motor rental in Australia and New Zealand.

Below is a bit more detail about what we do and how we do it.

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What do we do?

DriveNow provides online booking facilities for last-minute and year round Motor Vehicle rentals for major destinations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to offer flexible travellers a quick and easy way to get better deals on Motor Vehicle Rental.

Our Pricing

The Price you see is the price you pay - drive away. There are no hidden extras with a DriveNow booking - we display the the full price of a motor vehicle, so you can pick it up and not have to worry about Taxes, Stamp Duties, Premium Location fees etc - these are all included.

Our Suppliers

Your booking goes directly to the Motor Vehicle Supplier to ensure your peace of mind. We work with all the major rental car suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. The suppliers set, manage and update their prices online and offer their most current and cheapest retail internet rates through our site. Your Booking is confirmed to you (online & via email). All bookings are sent directly to the relevant Motor Vehicle Rental company - you are their customer.

Booking Payment

For car rentals, the majority of our suppliers require no prepayment for bookings made through DriveNow. In fact, most don't even require a credit card to confirm your booking. You simply pay for the entire rental when you collect your vehicle.

For campervans/motorhome rentals, our suppliers require us to collect payment 6 weeks or so before you collect your vehicle. If you are booking more than 6 weeks out however, we don't require a deposit to confirm your booking, and will only process your rental payment 6 weeks prior to your vehicle pickup

Changes and Cancellations

We understand your travel plans may change, so DriveNow does not charge any fees if you need to change or cancel your booking. Below is what our suppliers do.

For car rentals, none of our suppliers charge a fee for booking changes or cancellations.

For campervan/motorhome rentals, fees may be charged for booking changes and cancellations, but generally only once you have paid for your booking (i.e less than 6 weeks before you pick-up your vehicle). See individual supplier's terms and conditions if you require more specific details.

Your Security and Privacy

To protect your personal information when you use our online booking service, we employ the latest technologies (including SSL and encryption) to ensure details you provide to us are secure.

We only share the details you provide us with your chosen supplier, in order to complete your booking with them. We do not share your details with any other organisation.

Contact Us

DriveNow welcomes any feedback you may have. We're dedicated to making this site the best it can be for our customers. If you feel we offer a valuable and useful service, remember to tell your friends about DriveNow™. If you have any questions or comments about the services we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us at