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Frequently Asked Questions - Campervan Holidays in New Zealand

Below are a selection of the most commonly asked questions relating to Campervan hire. On picking up your vehicle the rental company will run through the terms and conditions of your rental agreement and also give you an explanation of the features and utilities available in your motorhome.

  • Driving in New Zealand
    Driving in New Zealand is on the left.

  • Seat Belts and Road Speeds
    It is compulsory that the driver and all passengers wear seat belts in New Zealand. Speed limits range from 50km/h in built-up areas to 100km/h on motorways and open highways.

  • Do I require a special Driving License?
    No. A non-probationary standard driving license held for more than 12 months is all that is required. If your license is not in English an International Drivers license is also required.

  • What is the minimum age?
    21, with the exception of the Backpacker Breeze Campervan which is 18.

  • Is there a minimum rental period?
    Generally the minimum rental period is 5 days. During certain peak times, such as over Christmas, this may be extended to 7 or 10 days (depending upon rental provider) and one way rentals also may vary. Certain vehicles such as BackPacker Campervan Rentals' Breeze start from 3 days and other providers do differ on occasion. Full details of such costs and variations are displayed when you select your vehicle and available during the booking process with Drivenow.

  • How are rental days calculated?
    Unlike the hourly rate that covers car rental, Campervans are hired on a per calendar day basis, therefore picking up a vehicle at 4.00pm on day 1 and dropping off at 8.30am on day 6 is a 6 day rental.

  • One Way Rentals. Can I pick up and drop off in different locations?
    Yes, however these are subject to certain conditions including possible One Way Rental fees for rental periods less than 20 days and require a minimum hire of 7 days. The fee is waived on rentals more than 20 days (21 for Maui Motorhomes).

  • Automatic or Manual Transmission?
    The majority of Campervan rentals are manual transmission. There are exceptions (eg Britz's 6 berth Frontier) and full details are available during the review & booking process. If unsure please mention this in the comments section of the booking form.

  • Long-term Rental?
    Excellent Discounts apply for rentals beyond 50 days. Please contact Drivenow at [email protected] with your requirements and we'll source the best deal from across our providers.

  • Traffic Infringements?
    You are liable for all fines in relation to your use of the vehicle during the rental period. The rental provider may charge an administration fee for each infringement notice that has to be redirected to you.

  • Returning your Campervan?
    Rental vehicles need to be returned clean with empty waste/grey water tanks and a full tank of fuel (unless pre-arranged). Where a vehicle is returned without a full tank and no pre-arrangement you will be charged an administration fee for refuelling and high per litre rate. Some providers also require cooking Gas cylinders to be refilled (eg KEA Campers). Your Campervan rental provider will advise you of the drop off details when you collect your vehicle.

  • Changing Vehicle Type?
    If you wish to upgrade your campervan or motorhome and subject to availability, the additional charge will be taken on pickup.

  • Changing Drop off location or date?
    If you wish to change the drop off destination or extend the rental period after picking up your vehicle you must contact the rental provider for authorisation and the additional cost will be charged to your credit card. This will be subject to availability. Changes to drop off location are subject to fees ranging from $500 to $700 (depending upon supplier). No refund is applicable for vehicles that are returned early.

  • What if I have an accident in our Campervan?
    Report the accident as soon as possible (within 24 hours) to the rental provider and complete an Accident Report. Full details of what to do will be in the kit provided by the Campervan Rental company when you pick up your vehicle.

  • What happens if I breakdown?
    All our Campervan rental partners have national Customer care programs to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Details will be included in your Campervan rental kits supplied at pick up.

  • Can Booster and Baby Seats be fitted?
    There are a number of vehicles that can accommodate both booster and baby seats and these are also available for hire from our rental partners. Generally Motorhome fleets can accommodate both types of seats whilst the smaller vehicles (eg Apollo's Hitop Campervan or Euro Tourer. Backpacker Campervans can be fitted only with Booster seats) cannot. Details will be available during the review/booking process. Please include your requirements in the Comments section of the booking form.

  • Can I take my Pet with me?
    No. With the exception of guide dogs no animals are permitted on Campervans.

  • First Aid Kits
    Campervan and Motorhomes come equipped with First Aid kits. Fees are applied if these are opened.

  • Can we include Additional Drivers?
    Yes. Additional drivers can be registered to drive when you pick up your vehicle subject to any Extra Driver Fees charged by the vehicle provider.

  • Are Multi-Hire Discounts available?
    Yes. Where campervan hire is made in New Zealand and Australia (and South Africa for operators who cover all three countries) and pick up within 3 months, each rental can be combined to qualify for a long-term discount rate. Terms & conditions do vary between our rental partners, please email savemore @ with your proposed holiday schedule and we will source the best available deals and rates for you to choose from.

  • Are there restrictions on where I can Drive?
    Yes. 2 Wheel Drive campervans and motorhomes can only be driven on sealed/bitumen roads or well maintained access roads to recognised campgrounds. 4 Wheel Drive vehicles may be driven on recognised unsealed tracks, however written permission is required from the rental company for many areas. Therefore discuss your intended travel plans with the rental provider when picking up your vehicle. Additionally vehicle movements may be restricted in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.

  • How long does the Battery last?
    Most Campervans and Motorhomes are supplied with 2 batteries - one to run the engine and the other to operate the living equipment. This second battery will remain charged for approximately 12-14 hours. Your rental supplier will provide more information when you pick up the vehicle.

  • Credit Card Bonds
    Where a Credit Card bond is required the full amount of the bond will be deducted from your credit card and credited back at the end of the rental period, subject to any deductions. Where no excess reduction option is taken this amount can be over AU$7500. To avoid disappoint ensure that your credit card has a limit sufficient to cover this amount. The bond is taken in New Zealand Dollars and therefore for overseas visitors subject to currency variation which could result in some variance in the amount refunded compared to the initial amount charged. This bond is taken directly by our rental partners and is not held by DriveNow.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information made available throughout the DriveNow website is current and applicable, all such information is subject to change and terms and conditions of each rental vehicle provider will prevail at the time of pickup.

As with any web site we are always looking to improve. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible to support and assist with your holiday plans. If you have an experience, journey or itinerary to share with fellow travellers please do let us know, we would welcome the opportunity to publish your story and any pictures that enhance the Australian Road Holiday story for others. Of course, if you believe we have got it wrong, please do let us know that as well. Our concept is simply to enhance and add to your holiday - so we would love to hear your feedback whether that is positive or where we need to improve.

On the Road - What's Included

All vehicles come well equipped with all the essentials. There are some variations depending upon the features of the rental vehicle which varies from supplier to supplier. In essence you can expect the following:

  • Kitchen: Plates & Bowls, Cups & glasses, Cutlery, Bottle/Can opener, cooking utensils, pans & Frying pan, Kettle & teapot, tea towels
  • Living: Toilet chemicals, Dustpan & brush, Fire Extinguisher, Bucket & hose, matches, coat hangers, vehicle guides, travel guides, road maps, First Aid Kit (charges apply if opened).
  • Bedding: Pillows, sheets, Sleeping bags or Doona (duvets), bathroom towels. You are welcome to bring your own or use those provided. Note that Britz include Bedding in their Personal Kit.
On the Road - What's Not

There are many optional extras which vary between suppliers, generally charged on a per rental basis these include:

  • Outdoor Table
  • Outdoor Chair
  • Awnings
  • Tent
  • Fist Aid Kit
  • Fan Heater
  • baby/Booster Seats

Road Holiday Tips
  • Take a torch and spare batteries
  • Pack clothes and your belongings in soft cases to maximise use of storage space
  • If leaving your Campervan unattended on a powered Caravan Park site you must disconnect your power cable
  • Appliances such as TVs, Microwaves and Air-Con/Heating in the living cabin require mains power hook-up
  • Save money and stress by stocking up on provisions before travelling to less populated areas
  • Ensure you have replenished your water tanks and emptied your waste tank when embarking on a long sectors of your journey
  • Some Campervan providers allow you to pre-purchase gas and fuel at discounted rates
Insurance Options and Vehicle Bonds

  • All Campervan Rental companies offer insurance excess reduction options similar to car hire companies. This reduces your liability in the event of an accident.
  • A Bond is required on any vehicle hired at pick up. Paid by Credit Card this will be debited and reimbursed on return of the vehicle. The Bond reflects the insurance excess option taken and can be up to $7500. Bonds are deposited directly with the vehicle supplier.
Cancellation Policies

  • Apollo Motorhome Holidays
    25 days prior to pick up - no fee
    7-24 days prior to pick up 20% (min. $250)
    1-7 days prior to pickup 50%
    On day of pick up or no show 100%
    No refund for late pick up or early return.
  • Backpacker Campervan Rentals
    22 days prior to pick up - no fee
    7-21 days prior to pick up 20%
    1-6 days prior to pickup 50%
    On day of pick up or no show 100%
    No refund available for unused days.
  • Britz Australia
    22 days prior to pick up - no fee
    7-21 days prior to pick up 20%
    1-6 days prior to pickup 50%
    On day of pick up or no show 100%
    No refund available for unused days.
  • Maui Motorhomes
    22 days prior to pick up - no fee
    7-21 days prior to pick up 20%
    1-6 days prior to pickup 50%
    On day of pick up or no show 100%
    No refund available for unused days.
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