DriveNow's Lowest Price Guarantee

Our Car Price Guarantee is a promise to you as a valued customer and a statement of our confidence to bring you the best value car hire with our suppliers around the world.

DriveNow will match any genuine cheaper price from an Australian and New Zealand based business and website. Yes, that even includes our supplier's own websites! Not only that, we’ll beat it by 10%.

How do I claim?

Complete your booking with the other website, if you have not already done so

Complete your booking with DriveNow

Email us at with the following details:

Your DriveNow booking number or Confirmation email.

The Supplier's booking number OR the confirmation details you have received from the other website where you completed your booking

Next Steps

Before submitting a claim, please read the conditions below. If your price match meets all of the conditions, go ahead and submit your claim. If you have any questions on this please contact us on the savemore email address above.

Are there any conditions?

As with any Guarantee there are some conditions to this offer that make it fair to both you and ourselves, we have made these as clear and easy as possible to avoid disappointment or misunderstandings and to ensure we are comparing like with like pricing. We will always happily honour our 'price match + 10% guarantee’ if all of the following apply to your claim:

The competing booking or quote details must match your DriveNow booking including supplier, vehicle model, pick-up and drop-off location, dates & times, payment terms and driver’s country of residence if applicable.

For purposes of price comparison, the price includes the cost of the rental, plus all taxes, fees and charges charged by our competitors.

The competitor’s offer must be able to be booked on the day you submit your claim to us.

Travel must be completed using your DriveNow reservation.

The lowest price guarantee does not apply to any non-internet offers, promotional rates, memberships, offers using special discount codes, vouchers or coupons.

The lowest price guarantee only applies to the vehicle rental cost. It specifically does not apply to any of the optional items (eg Baby & child seats, GPS, excess reduction, age excess, credit card fees, additional driver fees, one way fees, 3rd party handling & booking fees).

The lowest price guarantee will be valid on the initial quote only, and is non-negotiable beyond our initial offer.

We may at our discretion honour a claim where a competitor’s price is found to be a genuine error or mistake.

When processing of lowest price guarantee for car hire, refunds may take up to 4 weeks after lodgement or from completion of the rental

Additional restrictions, terms and conditions may apply. DriveNow is the final authority on interpretation of the Lowest Price Guarantee.

In short, what qualifies?

  • Same supplier
  • Same dates, times & pickup/drop-off location
  • Same car type
  • Same payment conditions
  • Same booking & cancellation conditions
  • Same currency without the use of a currency converter
  • Prices on an Australian or New Zealand based business & web site